Since my name is Irma, I have gotten many teasing comments about #HurricaneIrma from friends and family to which I jokingly respond, “Just get out of my path.” I can assure you, though, that Jesus is the Master of the Storm.

Irma, the German Goddess of War, may toss you to and fro, send massive waves of trouble through your life, and tear apart every semblance of normality, but, as Jesus came walking on the Sea of Galilee to help His disciples who were “toiling in rowing,” He will come to you in your storm if you “[cry] out” to Him. The disciples were not passive about their problems, as you are not, but actively worked to deal with the vicious waters. Being, no doubt, exhausted and overwhelmed by such an enormous act of nature, they saw Him walking on the sea, but thought He was a Spirit. In this darkest hour, terrified and desperate, they “cried out.” Then they saw the all-powerful God who is not troubled or inconvenienced by high winds and waves. He knows your position on the high seas, how much moisture and wind the hurricane is gathering, the capability of your boat, and your innermost thoughts. Yes, He who has but to say “Peace. Be still” is greater than your storm. Remember Him.

References: Matthew 14:22-36; Mark 6:45-56; John 6:16


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