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Notes of Amazing Love

Kirkus Reviews

A debut Christian devotional offers a series of musings on the teachings of the Bible.

Each page of this short work delivers a paragraph or two examining some aspect of the Bible. That passage is followed by a list of the biblical books, chapters, and verses that readers could study for further rumination. For example, the “Praising Him” page begins: “Is that you I hear singing? The noise of rejoicing, your sounds of joyful praise, reflects your strength as the joy of the Lord reigns.” After exploring this subject further, Flanagan suggests that readers refer to Acts 10:38, Nehemiah 8:9, and 1 Kings 1:15-53.

The volume’s title describes God, the one who keeps all of Creation in his hands. The author’s prose is calm and coaxing, full of metaphors from daily life that should help her audience more effectively engage with the lessons she is expounding on.

While this is certainly a book for practicing Christians to consult as part of their regular prayer and meditation routines, there are some tidbits that readers looking to connect more
deeply with themselves or nature will find useful. For instance, Flanagan supplies this valuable tip on the “Seize the Day” page: “The time has come to break free of the worries that tie you down and take away your life, the ones that have come one by one like little threads that tie a cloth. They keep you from living in the moment, causing you to miss the fullness of life.”

The author implies in the work’s preface that she has been sharing her wisdom and understanding of the Bible and reflecting on her faith through Facebook and email for some time. Her lucid interpretations are positive and inspirational, providing no trace of fire and brimstone. Instead, they show a deep appreciation for the splendor and wonder of life (“The sun shining through the morning mist calls us to the beauty of the day”).

A worthy guide for Christian readers looking to supplement their daily meditation and prayer practices.


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