God’s Sense of Humor

I learned that God has a sense of humor when I was eleven months old. My sister brought home a bundle that upon the unwrapping turned out to be a squinch-eyed, red faced, squealer. What a delight she has been through the years as we swung on grapevines, hung on as Dad’s mules, horses, and ponies trotted, bounced, and sailed through the air with us on their backs, as she played the piano like Liberace and I sang like Loretta Lynn, as she confused the ends of Baalam’s biblical donkey by saying that if God could speak through a donkey’s ass, he could speak through anybody. How appropriate was her error since God Himself must have laughed at Balaam’s reaction: when pitching a fit on his donkey, Baalam crushed his foot against the wall then heard his donkey say, “What have I done unto thee, that thou hast smitten me these three times?” Oh, the angels we don’t see! How they must shake their heads and smile as we frolic with our eyes closed and ears packed with cotton. Imagine the looks on Sarah’s and Abraham’s faces when the angel told them at eighty-nine and ninety-nine that they would have a child. Sarah herself laughed at the seeming absurdity as did Abraham. How God must laugh at our confusion as He rains blessings upon us. Maybe it’s time for us to “lighten up” also.

Genesis 17:17, 18:12
Numbers 22:21-39


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Copyright Irma Flanagan

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